Mount Vernon's First Therapy Gym, Exclusively For Kids


Smile a While opened the doors of 2018 strong, both on a business level and a community level. They brought a service that the community needed, educated potential clients on the benefits of occupational therapy and gave back to the community.

But Smile a While felt there was an essential pillar to their business that needed to be addressed. Being the first in your community means you have to set the bar high, both offline and online. They reached out to us to provide them with a strong digital presence that would bring a holistic view to their brand.



  • Expand the presence of their services through online initiatives.
  • Establish a brand reputation amongst parents as the therapy gym who understands their child’s needs.



  • Completed Smile a While’s pre-existing website with a structure and content that was user-friendly and has effective calls to action.
  • Provided a branded presentation deck with a balance on imagery and information that would resonate with parents sharing a similar story.

Smile a While

April 14, 2018

Web Design, Pitch Deck