Passion Captured in a Frame


Sarah Nicole is a professional photographer in Orange County who specializes in portraiture, branding, boudoir, and fashion photography. She has an extraordinary eye for capturing an individual’s unique story all within the frame of her camera.

Now it was time for her to tell her story. Sarah Nicole reached out to us to not only craft a compelling website that would contain a mix of web copy and images, but tightly package her brand in a way that combines her extroversive personality and professionalism.



  • Launch a website that would generate leads on individuals, small business owners and entrepreneurs in Orange County looking for photography.
  • Establish a brand online that tells the story of SarahNicole Photography.



  • Designed a multi-page SEO friendly website with a focus on unique longtail keywords and content on professional photography in Orange County.
  • Provided a logo and tagline that embodies her personal and professional values as well as her style.

SarahNicole Photography

August 20, 2018

Web Design, Logo Tagline