Ain't No Party Like a P.C.I. Party


Party Cup International a.k.a. “P.C.I.” is a marketing and booking agency that has been promoting Japan’s nightlife scene since 2013. Word-of-mouth has been their driving force for pulling in new customers, but the time has come to expand their presence online.

They desired a brand refresh to keep up with the changing times. Knowing that their international followers crave unforgettable nights, P.C.I. turned to No Pinnacle to provide a digital makeover that reflects the rich experiences they offer.



  • Generate awareness amongst travelers in Japan who are looking for good music, good vibes and memorable nights.
  • Inspire partygoers via digital content to consider P.C.I. as the go-to party place to have the time of their lives.



  • Created a multi-page responsive website that captured the liveliness of a typical night partying with P.C.I.
  • Provided a branded template and content for their social media platforms, that would not only align with the look-and-feel of their website, but help P.C.I. to tap into their international followers.
  • Designed a minimalistic logo that would appeal to the taste of loyal and potential customers.


April 14, 2018

Web Design, Brand Positioning, Logo, Social Media Branded Layout