Stay Scheming. Stay Stylish.


Moto Schemes was built to enhance and take the concept of motorcycle designs to another level through vinyl decals. Often times, riders would be a bit disappointed to see other bikes with the same style as theirs. Furthermore, the expense to customize their bike with a look that fits their personality is a limitation.

Moto Schemes was looking to create a brand that would resonate with the motorcycle community and would visually speak the language of potential buyers looking to customize their bike with a unique look at a price they can afford.



  • Launch a website that would garner website traffic, generate leads and educate potential buyers about vinyl decal kits.
  • Establish Moto Schemes as the authoritative source for customizing motorcycles.



  • Built a responsive, user-friendly ecommerce website using captivating imagery that connected with viewers on a heart-to-heart level.
  • Developed a brand strategy and DNA that would integrate with their social media platforms.

Moto Schemes

April 14, 2018

Web Design, Social Media Branded Layout Photography by SarahNicole Photography