Helping Small Businesses Think Big


JSL Creatives is a family owned business headed by a team of creative, marketing and business development specialists whose goal is to help start-ups to small and medium sized businesses with creating better branding, marketing and social media strategies.

In a world of connecting and making a remarkable first impression, an online presence matters just as much as an offline presence. In order to complete the package of their brand, JSL Creatives needed to put their signature touch onto the digital world. That’s where we come in.



  • Introduce the presence of their services through online initiatives.
  • Position JSL Creatives as the go-to site for empowering and inspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners.



  • Built a responsive, user-friendly multi-page website that portrays their vision, their services and their portfolio in a dynamic way.
  • Implemented their brand style to craft a compelling look-and-feel for their website.

JSL Creatives

August 20, 2018

Web Design