Judgement Free Conversations


A motivational speaker with a focus on intimate conversations, Conversations with Nicole values openness, trust and change. Sometimes people don’t know where to turn to or who to turn to for answers, or better yet, for someone to listen. In addition, the power of a conversation can be underestimated at times.

So how do you alleviate some of the burden that people carry in their day-to-day lives on a mass scale? Well, since everything is digital now and content is king, Conversations with Nicole turned to us to package their brand qualities in a simple and inviting way that would appeal to their online clients.



  • Position Conversations with Nicole as the conversation hub for inspiration and openness.
  • Generate awareness amongst career-oriented individuals who are looking for a change that would align with their purpose in life.



  • Provided a bright, colorful and warm-welcoming website that resembles the freeness of their brand.
  • Designed a minimalistic logo that portrays the power of a conversation.

Conversations with Nicole

April 14, 2018

Web Design, Logo